Out Of The Heat, Into The Fire 7/6-7/8

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    The Front Range is causing a lot of us to melt so it's time to get away for a cooler climate. At the same time the high country, and for the most part, the entire state is under a fire ban. There are a couple counties not in lockdown and Larimer County outside of Fort Collins is one of them.

    The plan is to meet at Johnsons Corner on I-25 outside of Loveland, group up and head north to Fort Collins before cutting into the mountains. If you live in Fort Collins and would like to go drop me a line and I'll arrange a second rendezvous point for you.

    I don't have any designated "trails" in that area but I have maps with lots of fire roads. Because I don't know this area well and don't have a lot of information I don't have any expectations. This will be a full-on adventure so come prepared. None the less we should have some cooler weather and a fire at night.

    Because I don't have a good sense of what we will run into I would recommend bringing your recover gear as well as extra water and fuel.

    Ham radios are not required but are the groups preferred method of communications. For more information let me know.

    When: 6:30 pm Friday, July 6th
    Where: Johnsons Corner Truck Stop 2842 SE Frontage Rd, Johnstown, CO
    Freq: Ham 146.550

    RSVP here: https://www.meetup.com/Rocky-Mountain-Overland/events/252234156/
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    Should be able to camp friday night as I need to be back into FOCO mid afternoon saturday. Have some ideas around the red feather area that may work, and then can talk about other areas if people want to camp more through the weekend. There's tons of roads to explore and lots of options.
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    Hey Guys, I just joined the group and have a rig that I'd like to bring! Any chance I could meet up sometime tomorrow? Thanks!
  4. Morris Yarnell

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    I imaagine they are still out there slogging through the mud and rocks having a great time. I returned earlier than I expected as I encountered engine issues. Check engine light came on but I believe it is an emission thing as I went through lots of mud and I may have clogged something. It (for the part I encountered) was an interesting trip. Lots of good company and much rig comparison chatter. Ross brought his daughter and she did well driving on some of the trail.
    After meeting at the truck stop we had a later than expected start which put us in the camping area after dark, since there was a fire ban no campfire got started. It was very wet so the question of the ban was discussed in our group although we did see many campers along the trail with camp fires. I guess playing the odds is all a part of some camping experiences.
    I think that after I get the concrete mud off the Rover I will be looking into the check engine issue a bit more.

    Happy trails
    edit: on the plus side, washed the Rover and the light is out. So must simply be something that gets clogged with mud and ceases to operate properly. Now to find out what it is and after I locate the thing be prepared to clean it next time to avoid this hassle.
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  5. DJI_0086.JPG Well, I was in the better late than never category, because I had conflicts that kept me from meeting the group on Friday night. I set out Saturday morning only knowing the group was somewhere around Red Feather Lakes or Poudre Canyon. I drove out through the area, beaconing and listening on the simplex frequency. I decided to do the Old Flowers Road trail, and heard the group while I was at the top of the trail. I was able to make contact, got Ben to push out an APRS position packet, and realized they were up NF517 north of Poudre Canyon, while I was on the south. 16 miles as the crow flies, but longer around on roads. I met up with the group about an hour later when they were a few miles from the east end of the Baldy trail. We celebrated the group finishing the trail with a drone selfie.
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  6. Once I was hooked up with the group, Ben led us out to CR69/Manhattan Rd and down to the south to get a start on the next trail before stopping for the night. We spent a while going farther in hoping to find a suitable camp site since it was rather crowded in the NF. Eventually Ben and Ross scouted a site that turned out to be quite nice, and could accommodate us all. Getting there required some mildly rocky trails and some small water crossing, and we had to share the road with quite a few ATVs. I was being lazy and car camping, so I broke out the drone for some pics before while we still had daylight. It ended up being a pretty nice site with a babbling brook next to it. DJI_0094.JPG DJI_0100.JPG
  7. Sorry I missed you Morris. The first time I fully heard the group on the radio was when you were reporting your check engine light. Glad it wasn't a big repair.
  8. Morris Yarnell

    Morris Yarnell Well-Known Member

    I think I passed you on my way out. Your vehicle looks familiar.
  9. denver6161

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    Sounds like it was a great trip! That is a cool drone shot. What kind were you using?
  10. I was flying a Mavic Pro. It actually worked out well since I arrived at the end of the trail when the group was a couple of miles away so I could set up. I flew it back along the trail a little way and caught some video. If I get around to uploading it to youtube I will post a link.
    That's one of the tough things about the great camera on the drone. The videos (and pictures) end up as HUGE files. I may have to bite the bullet and record in lower resolution.
  11. mikeinCO

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    Can you save at a lower resolution when you export it?

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