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Perseid Meteor Shower 8/12 or 8/13 2016


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This year's Perseid Meteor shower is supposed to be one of the best.

Is anyone planning to go anywhere? I'm trying to think of a good place to view it- the trail people were on last year might be closed due to the mine restoration (I don't actually know for sure though). I haven't seen it before and my youngest would love to see a bunch of shooting stars.

the burned out section north of Woodland Park (it's low (ie warm) but it's easy to get to (ie a-holes))
Red Cone (not at the peak- down below the part where the trail splits above treeline)
Twin Cone
North side of Webster Pass (is it high enough, or is the view to the north blocked?)
Peak 10 (Breckenridge)
Somewhere along the Deer Creek/St Johns area

Morris Yarnell

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A group of us went to a mine area above Georgetown two years ago. I fell asleep, but I am told it was a great show. Sheltered ares, out of the wind and a fine viewing area. Had a great dinner of a superb cheese fondue. Old family recipe, I'm told. Easy place to get to and able to get back to GT in time for breakfast.