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RCI metalworks anybody have anything from them


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Thinking i may upgrade the stock skids on my truck to something little more beefy. was wondering if anyone has used RCI and what they think of them. They are right in FO CO so not all that far and i could drive to pick them up.
Any other suggestions on companies is OK if you know of any
then the big question go with 3/16 steel or 1/4 5052 aluminum


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Yes. I use to have their front skid plate when I was IFS. Good quality. I met him at the Loveland outlet mall instead of shipping it. Lots of other Explorer owners have it and are plenty happy with it. Rich (Starkman) now has my old skid plate.


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A guy in my neighborhood has them on his tacoma. He liked them. Check TW for group buy info. Occasionally he has one. Also, he may discount if you get a full set. Personally I would get aluminum, but I want them more for peace of mind than banging off rocks. Next Christmas list.


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I have his front, transmission and transfer in aluminum on my tacoma. He has an exhaust reroute skid that is higher clearance than the skid for stock exhaust crossover too though. I will say that other front skids give better clearance because RCI uses the stock skid mounts. So far I am super pleased with my experiences with Josh. He is a great guy to deal with


I have the RCI rock sliders on my tacoma. Very well constructed and so far they are pretty awesome. I have not hit them on a rock yet haha but I will post up once they are put to proper use.