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Red Cone, Radical Hill, Swan River....


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I've done Red Cone twice. It's a great trail. You get above tree line and then drive along the spine of the mountain for awhile. Amazing views. I've then always taken a Hall Valley out to the north.

The problem with Red Cone is that it takes long enough that unless you start super early, there isn't time to do much else. And it's not that it's a long or difficult trail, that's just been my experience.

I'm looking to do Red Cone and Radical Hill to get up into the Swan River loop area. Find a camp spot somewhere on this loop. There are alternate ways to Swan River via Deer Creek and Saints John.

Not a super involved trip that requires a lot of planning. Do trails until it's time to make camp, camp, break camp and finish the trails the next day. Simple one night, 2 day trip with plenty of 4wheeling and exploring. And it's all fairly close to Denver. Anyone interested in something like that?

Due to snow up in Red Cone, probably looking at late June or so.
I just mapped out a two day trip for this area. Let me save the google earth file and will upload. 2nd day would be Weston Pass - Mosquito Pass - Boreas or Georgia then 285 back to Denver.
All dates pending but was thinking Sept for a fall camping run


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And Boreas Pass is a dirt road. Like a grated dirt road. Weston Pass is barely tougher than dirt road. Georgia Pass is fairly easy but is a legit trail.

Just FYI.


Tom, have you ever done any of the spurs on Georgia? At least i think it was Georgia. We tried from the Breck side, with no map or GPS. But there was a ton of other road choices and some steep dirt!


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Not really. we just did Georgia straight thru to Breck and grabbed lunch before doing Peak 10. But we did go over to some spur but it was fenced off.


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I've wanted to do Red Cone for a long time but never made it. I have a week long trip planned in August that will include Red Cone and several trails in that area so I'm looking forward to it.


Based on the snowfall this winter, I doubt if Mosquito will be open before the middle of August if at all. I've seen a couple of feet of snow on the E. side of Mosquito as late as mid-July a couple of times.


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The trail on the north side of Red Cone (Webster Pass) is closed due to flood damage.


But...... if we did Red Cone then over to Radical Hill (via Webster Pass/Montezuma Road), we would be on the other side of the closure. But technically the FS lists that area as closed too.

Then there's the issue of Red Cone still having too much snow on it.

If I had to guess on a date, I'd say mid July at the earliest.


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webster is both north and south of the end of redcone. webster to the south is usually washed out in one spot on the switchbacks right below the end of redcone, but to the north to montezuma there's a creek crossing that can either be nothing or a bit of a torrent

it will be august most likely before it's open...i did a rescue run of a rig that sat up there all winter after a mild year and i was middle of july before it was open then...this year had a lot more snow than that year


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But if you take Red Cone in, you get to the middle of Webster and bypass all those creek crossings (and potential road wash outs). It then might be possible to go from the end of Red Cone (at Webster Pass), north and pick up Radical Hill and do the St Johns loop (technically closed per the FS) without ever seeing signs. Potentially.

But regardless. There's too much snow up there right now to even get to Webster Pass.