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San Juan Iconic Trail Loop | 22-25 August 2019


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Here SOON there should be an official Event posted for this, but I'd like to get it on everyone's radar!

The weekend of 8/24 I will be making a loop through parts of the Alpine Loop area, passing through Telluride by way of Black Bear Pass and Imogene Pass. Post up if this is something you are interested in and we'll continue firming up the group.

Combining some trails that I am familiar with and some trails I’ve only dreamed of exploring, we’ll see some incredible views high up in the San Juan national forest and check out some technical spots. First part will explore Engineer Pass and Poughkeepsie Gulch ending for the evening not too far from Ironton. From there we’ll head about 5miles down the Million Dollar Highway to the next iconic trail. Many people have heard of Black Bear Pass – and while it touts mixed reviews, I don’t expect it to disappoint. It can be visually challenging and require focus and responsibility, and as if the views and adrenaline weren’t enough, we get to roll into Telluride in the middle of our trip. The last leg will be another iconic pass, Imogene – heading through Camp Bird back to Ouray.

As always, we'll need to keep our eyes open and plan for alternatives should the conditions be adverse in the high country.



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Head's up to any & all who are contemplating this trip:

we're moving it out 1 week to Labor Day weekend 8/30-9/2.

Apologies for the late notice and switch, thought it would make more sense for anyone traveling more than a few hours to this part of Colorado to take advantage of the long weekend. I know many will have Labor Day plans already, but in case anyone would like to get some adventure in a remote & beautiful part of the high country - this is your trip!

Also, while the route looks amazing as shown above, we'll need to keep our minds open as - pending further research & confirmation - I'm not 100% sure that Black Bear is open all the way to Telluride. Will post more as I find out better details regarding conditions.

Stay safe out there.


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Originally, my plan was to convene in Ouray on Thursday night (tonight). NOW, since we have pushed it to next weekend with Monday off - Friday around dinner time ~6pm meet up.


Its been a couple years since I've been here and I'm very tempted but I had plans for MTB'ing that weekend. Might have to change plans...
Keep me in the loop please.


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Nate- there’s a MeetUp event created for it.

It looks like I’m bailing. Kid wasn’t supposed to play soccer that weekend but another team drafted her for the weekend to help them in a tournament.


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With the extremely limited commitment for this weekend, the Meetup event has been updated to postpone/cancel the trip for this year. If another weekend looks great before it gets too cold, it might get revived - otherwise we'll make sure it gets priority for next season!

Stay safe, everyone.


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Tough weekend as a lot of people probably already had plans. Would have been epic.