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Short First-Timer's Trip - Gross Res. & Switzerland Trail


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I am looking to go up and find out just what my '01 Limited T4R can do in its totally stock form. 4wd with the factory central diff locker, excited to get some dust in the air and some beautiful pictures. The idea for me, reinforced by some group members, would be to learn as much about my truck as possible before doing all the usual improvements.

I know that Tim W. and I are pretty new to the area and have very limited trail experience, so I'm very open to a few seasoned guys coming along. I've also talked a little bit with Jim (@Ripcord_ if you're familiar with epic 3rd Gen builds) about joining us to show us some of the ropes.

My thoughts: Start with Gross Reservoir trail after meeting by 9am somewhere on the west side of Boulder. If we're still up to it, potentially rolling up toward Ned and finding the Switzerland trail.

Let me know if interested and we'll take it from there!


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I know that Tim W. and I are pretty new to the area and have very limited trail experience
Limited to no trail experience. ;) Unfortunately I'll be in Houston on Sunday, so I will not be able to make it. I'm 100% in for the 2nd "First-Timers" trip though. I cannot wait to get some dirt under these 285s.
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Morris Yarnell

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Remembered that I need control arm bushings and probably won't be trailing till they are in place. Pricey little things, $135 ea from LR dealer.
So not up for this weekend either. Still have lots of project around the house to keep me busy, getting ready for spring planting.


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Anybody available? Moisture coming should make things more interesting, messy, and challenging

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