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Swank's 1992 Land Rover Range Rover Classic


console 1.jpg
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Update. The rigs been running great even if it's a bit noisy. LOL This week I'm wrapping up my new center console. The original one was breaking down and it's not just something I can order. This one is made of wood and wrapped in marine vinyl. I'd say it's about 80% completed and I have cup holders arriving today from amazon. :)

Morris Yarnell

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Very impressive. I am always in a state of wonder when I see a project like this.
Really like the sun shade fabric, from where?
Oh, and yes, he is a peach.


Sunshade fabric is from Joann's fabrics or something. The wife found it. We ordered the new headliner material from amazon a while back.


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Console looks good! Now you need to finish it in a honey amber, or something that looks factory color. ;)