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Sway Bar End Links


The FJ60 has about a 3" lift. It has an aftermarket front sway bar. When I bought it the sway bar end link rods were 3/8" threaded rod with a bushing set on either end. I do not do serious rock crawling and do not disconnect the sway bar. I keep breaking the end link rods even though the trails are fairly mild. Hardware store threaded rod is 2nd rate steel. What are the other options? Buy some high strength rod and thread the ends or are there off the shelf options out there (the rods are 9" long by 3/8" diameter)?
If I had to disconnect the end links, how to tie the bar up so it is not dragging the ground?


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Find a welder (the person or the tool) and make your own.

I tie mine up to the frame using some rubber coated wire things (I forget what they are called)


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I have both a welder and a pair of sway bar link that are 11.25" eye to eye that are left over from my lift if you need them.

whatever you need let me know.


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sounds like you need better rod ends. i ran with my front sway bar for about a year without any major issues. in the end though, i removed it completely. making the disconnects at the rods isn't an issue, but figuring out how to make an axle mounted sway bar captive was more than i wanted to deal with. have the same issue with the rear axle on my 80 now. at least the front on the 80 has the links mounted to the axles and the bar is frame mounted.