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Tapatalk Popup


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It seemed that several people were having problems with the Tapatalk popup when trying to view the forum from a mobile browser. What it should do is a single popup letting you know you can use the app and if you hit cancel it shouldn't show again. Apparently that wasn't the case and it was driving some people nuts so I was able to turn the notification off completely. If you are still having the problem please let me know.

I also heard form a couple people who wanted to use Tapatalk but couldn't find the forum. If you search for it within the app and then scroll all the way to the bottom you should find us. They put us on the bottom since we are new and small, why it doesn't come up first if you put our name in is beyond me.

I hope that fixes everyone's problems.


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Out of curiosity, what's the advantage of using Tapatalk over just the normal Internet browser on your phone? Does it pull less data to load the page or something?


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It's sort of a legacy product from when forums didn't scale to phone sizes. Today it's not needed as much with the new reactive technology but there are people who still like it. It does optimize the screen a little better and pull slightly less data. Tapatalk has a free version or Forum Fiend on Android is free if you want to give it a try.


For me it's about ease of use
First is tapatalk second is the website as viewed in safari

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