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The BLM Office


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Wow has that changed! I'm not complaining, but I sure am showing my age, haha!

Cruised down the BLM office yesterday gathering info for the Eclipse trip. BLM offices used be staffed by old bearded guys dressed like they were on safari. They usually had a spinning wire-frame rack with all the "Smokey Bear" type pamphlets by the door and the rest was all maps and records (and that wonderful library basement smell).

They also used to plot you maps for a fee of any area you wanted (from microfiche). If you were going to be in an area that straddles two standard grids, you could have them plot you a map centered right there so you didn't have to flip between two maps.

The main reason I went in is that the areas I'm looking at for observing the Eclipse are in a remote patchwork of of BLM, State Trust, and private ranch/mine claims. I needed a "surface management" map that shows true boundaries and easements so I can see what's actually open and what's gated. No-dice!

The office off Youngsfield (regional office, not a field office) has topo and SM maps for pretty much all of CO but not the whole region, kids books on scavenger hunting poop, and pamphlets on everything (I think I saw a pamphlet about reading pamphlets) as well as grandma types that stocked my daughter up on coloring pages, haha! They don't plot maps on site any more because everyone does it over the internet now.

Wasn't a bad visit, but man, I felt pretty old. Obviously you just do that stuff on the internet now. :p


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Recently downloaded all of the mvum's for SW Colorado. There is also a great map store in the federal center, I believe it is USGS.


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Yeah, they mentioned the USGS office but recommended their website to just order the maps. Mainly I was sharing because I felt like I walked into an old Montogomery Ward that's now an artist cooperative trying to buy an alarm clock.:eek::D