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So there's this "trail" that basically goes from east to west coast. It was developed by the dual sport bike guys and they like to claim it can't be done by 4wd- but it can. There's even a video proving it.

What am I talking about? The Trans-America-Trail:

I'm not really all that interested in running the whole thing, but seeing as it comes through CO, the route planning is already in place for a couple weekend's worth of overlanding. They claim it takes a month to do the full trail, but the CO section...... 2 maybe 3 weekends?

The website above has maps and GPS waypoints for sale. Takes the hassle out of planning.

I'd like to approach something like this with the attitude of: "drive for awhile and make camp where ever".

Anyone interested? No idea on time frame. I have a buddy in KS with a 2wd Explorer that is interested in overlanding. We are talking about doing the OK/NM/eastern CO sections next spring.


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I think it would be blast to take a month off and do the whole trail at once. Now how to get a month off work?



Just to muddy the water a bit...


You may have heard of this already, I just bought the UT and CO maps. Trying to find time in September, but it looks like maybe you cut this up in sections and run it at different times. I was thinking the I-70 north portion maybe for July 4. But I do like your "drive for awhile and make camp where ever" idea :)