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Unfortunately, this forum’s level of activity has dwindled over the last year or so. Won’t get too many emails.

Adam Z

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For me, I'm unlikely to check in on the forum unless I receive some type of notification about what's new - an email, text message, etc. I'm sure different people approach it in different ways. For me, if I don't have something that interrupts me, I'll never remember to check it out. Anyway, my two cents.

Morris Yarnell

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For some strange reason activity has fallen off due to increased activity on Meetup. Why I couldn't say, seems a wrong way to go to me.

Morris Yarnell

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I think the M&G are possibly attended well as the place has remained constant for years and the second Tuesday of the month time frame has also remained constant. Habitual attendance works. there is a calendar on the website that keeps me informed and since I have been in attendance since the inception, it is not difficult to know when to show up. I only miss if there is some event in my world that might take a front seat to drinking beer, rare, but true.


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I would like to see more activity and encourage everyone to post on here more. You can’t wait for everyone else to ask a question or post what their currently working on, ie a trip, build or project. Participation begets more participation. I include myself in that statement.

Morris Yarnell

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It would seem that there is not much activity on this forum for some reason. One may be that many of the activities are posted on another forum, namely Meet Up, so why is that? Another is that some of the posts are hijacked by people selling fake passports, viagra and posting in some foreign language that few, if any, can read.
There doesn't seem to be much policing of the site and I think that regular interested parties really don't wish to be inundated with superfluous ramblings.
It could also be that it is winter and not much is going on. IDK
Not even anything on the calendar
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