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Unfortunately, this forum’s level of activity has dwindled over the last year or so. Won’t get too many emails.

Adam Z

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For me, I'm unlikely to check in on the forum unless I receive some type of notification about what's new - an email, text message, etc. I'm sure different people approach it in different ways. For me, if I don't have something that interrupts me, I'll never remember to check it out. Anyway, my two cents.

Morris Yarnell

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For some strange reason activity has fallen off due to increased activity on Meetup. Why I couldn't say, seems a wrong way to go to me.

Morris Yarnell

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I think the M&G are possibly attended well as the place has remained constant for years and the second Tuesday of the month time frame has also remained constant. Habitual attendance works. there is a calendar on the website that keeps me informed and since I have been in attendance since the inception, it is not difficult to know when to show up. I only miss if there is some event in my world that might take a front seat to drinking beer, rare, but true.


I would like to see more activity and encourage everyone to post on here more. You can’t wait for everyone else to ask a question or post what their currently working on, ie a trip, build or project. Participation begets more participation. I include myself in that statement.