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We're going to Yosemite in August


Hey we're going to Yosemite on Aug 14th and we will be in the park for 4 days. We're planning on driving out through Utah then across on 6/50 straight west across Nevada to the east side of the park. We're staying at Wawona campground. I'm really trying to have a RTT before we go. Might have to sell a dirt bike to make that happen though. We will sleep 100x better vs a ground tent. We're pretty over that at this point.

Any thoughts on the route for sight seeing or sleeping on way out and back? How about things to see while there? Of course we will go into the Yosemite valley and see the big stuff.


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August 21st is the eclipse if you can get in the path of totality. I'm still woking the plan. I'll definitely be in Salem, but the trip out and back is not set in stone yet. I want to drive, wife wants to fly.


Thinking our stop over point will be great basin national park. If we get high enough it may not be too hot.


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I stay away from Yosemite due to the crowds. May use these maps one day. Wish there was more on the eastern side of the park but there is the whole Owens Valley on that side I guess.