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What winch do you use? And how does it work.


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never go with just what your vehicle plus gear. that won't be enough. i had an old ramsey 8.5 that i threw on my marshmallow back when it was small and in snow, it would just stall out. always go at least 1.5 times the weight.

never had a tigershark, but i've heard good reviews from a couple guys who run them also.


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There is a Northern Tool here in Birmingham that i walked through the other day, they had a tigershark and the guy walked up and said he put one on his f150 and it works well

Morris Yarnell

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I just read reviews on ARB lights..at $700+ they are the most expensive. Probably won't go that route. But with a winch even though I use it only once, that will probably be the once that could leave me in a bad place. I will go with the more expensive and ever-ready Warn.
While I have the bucks, it will be an investment in my rig and my peace of mind. Not much mind left and the peace part is very important.


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you have to consider that a quality winch can stay with your for a lifetime. it's not like it's vehicle specific. if you sell your rig, you pull the winch off and put it on your next rig.

Morris Yarnell

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I have a Warn on the Pinzgauer that is going with the next owner as it is only a 9500 and I want something a bit beefier for the LR.
Not worried about having the steel cable VS the synthetic on a winch, not going to make that much of a difference to the LR. I am thinking the ARB bumper is going to be a bit weighted compared to the stock LR bumper anyway. Finally got a vehicle with enough HP to handle the weight. The LR is about as heavy as the pinz and has more HP than the 80 of the pinz.

edit: ordered the ARB bumper and Warn VR12000 winch today. Bumper mid Feb. arrival.
edit: both winch and bumper are in. earlier than expected. will need crew to install...stay tuned
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Sorry for the thread resurrection but you can use mechanical advantage to increase the pull of your winch over just spending more dollars on a higher rated one. M8000 should meet most everyone's need.


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Are you talking about snatch block? That only works if your winch point is close enough.

Morris Yarnell

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I would prefer to spend a bit more on a winch and get one that is rated for at least 1 1/2 times the weight of the vehicle, 2 times is better.
Sunk in up to your axles is not the time to wish you had a better and bigger winch. Especially if you travel often solo.
The LR is much heavier than most vehicles I have owned. The Mog I had sported a 15K winch, but then it was not easy to bog a Mog so I never used it.
So go cheap if you want but don't cry if it does not do the job.
Still, no matter what you have if there is no place to tie off to it won't matter.:p


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Guess I have been lucky the 2 times of having a tree conveniently close, I agree on the 1.5X but some people get carried away with 12K Winches on Jeeps, etc.


Problem with high weight pull winches generally are they are too damn slow and it's harder to crawl out and have the winch keep up. I use a superwinch talon 9.5 with Viking synthetic line and it works great. Unloaded it runs at 62 feet per minute and full load is at 5 feet per minute.

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Warn Zeon 10s because it has a faster rotation speed and when your buddy is stuck in a liquid manure pile that is important! :D



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what's your buddy doing off trail?
He started on trail in that puddle in the road behind him at speed... which turned out to be yucky manure muck that sucked the right wheels off the gravel and the momentum followed. It was slowly sinking and sliding in as he was sitting there. :D


I wanted to make sure that Ed got to use his new toy...

that and brandon dared me to make a splash :D

Zeon 10s is what i have too, and it rocks!


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Warn XD9000i. Works awesome as evidenced by epic pulls of my FSJ through packed snow up to the frame the other weekend :D

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