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Wheeler Geological Area Saturday October 8th and Sunday October 9th


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This and an open invitation for any that would like to join me in my single night trip to Wheeler Geological Area in Creede (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wheeler_Geologic_Area) Its not a hard trail I ran it last year at this same time. A stock Off road style SUV or Truck can easily make it. Vehicles such as 4Runners, Tacomas, Land Cruisers, Wranglers will have no issues on this trail. It is a 28 total mile out and back trip that I as planning on Spending 2 days on and taking time the first day to make it down the trail to Wheeler and spend a couple hours hiking and exploring the area because of the amazing beauty of the area. From Pavement it will be around 30-40 miles each way so no requirements for extra fuel. Dogs and Children are welcome since they will have the Monday off Exact trail start time is still to be determined. Most likely will be around 1 or 2pm. Coms are Cb or Ham. No noticeable water crossing (1 small creek that last year was 4" deep at most) Most likely you wont need low range unless you want to engine brake a couple of the hills of take it easy going up on steep section. Only recommendation is All Terrain Tires or Off road tires. The rock in the area can be sharp so take caution. Probably a trip Cap around 4 other Rigs just because of how much the time increases once you have a large amount of rigs on a trail. We most likely will not see more that 2 or 3 other vehicles out in the area just because there is no subaru access roads to get there (hehe).