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Wine can be one of those luxuries that's nice to bring for the end of a long days drive. The problem with wine is the bottle, being glass it can brake and the odd shape makes it less then efficient to pack. Of course you also have to figure out what to do with the bottle after you're done drinking it. A good solution is box wine. Over the years box wine has changed remarkably, sure there's still the cheap stuff but more and more vineyards are making quality wines, aged in barrels and simply better then what was available yesteryear. If your interested in taking the plunge and trying one of these new breeds here's a great resource to get started with, hopefully you can find something suitable for drinking under the stars.



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why not go old school with the bota bag i dont drink wine so take it for whatits worth for all i know these things make wine taste even worse then what i think it tastes like now