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Discussion in 'Recovery Gear' started by wpsfan, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. wpsfan

    wpsfan Member

    Didn't see this thread posted, figured it could give people ideas on what others have or may be missing. So far in my Amazon wish list..

    Tow strap(may switch this with an actual recovery strap that can snatch)
    Receiver shackle bracket
    Front shackle brackets

    Winch is a ways off. All I can think of for now, definitely interested in others kits and recommendations.
  2. ExplorerTom

    ExplorerTom Well-Known Member

    Snatch strap
    Snatch block
    Tree saver
    Tow strap
    Rear receiver shackle
    Shackle tabs in front bumper

    I need to get a better shovel. I have one, but it's a folding shovel. "Spoon" is really a more accurate term for it.
  3. nuclearlemon

    nuclearlemon Active Member

    snatch block
    multiple shackles both hard and soft
    tree saver
    heavy tow strap
    winch extension
    kinetic strap
    2 shovels...that way you can help shovel :D
    hi lift
    bottle jack
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  4. overlandjeep

    overlandjeep Moderator

    Superwinch Talon
    multiple shackles and wrap straps
    factor55 flatlink
    shovel and Hilift
  5. truffles

    truffles Member

    Engo winch
    Recovery/tow straps
    TRED Pro will be here in April
  6. nuclearlemon

    nuclearlemon Active Member

    what's a prolink? all i can find is janitorial supplies :p
  7. wpsfan

    wpsfan Member

    How do you like the Engo? I read the internals are the same as Smittybilt and some others, but Engo's warranty is better.
  8. truffles

    truffles Member

    I haven't been able to use it yet. I just got it put installed in November. I know a few guys that run it though and like them a lot
  9. Odomandr

    Odomandr Active Member

    ARB recovery kit(straps shackles and snatch block)
    Hi lift

    Sent from my SM-N910T
  10. ExplorerTom

    ExplorerTom Well-Known Member

  11. truffles

    truffles Member

  12. Jeff Brown

    Jeff Brown New Member

    New to the forum but been studying all things recovery:

    1998 Land Rover Discovery 1:
    Traction Jack Recovery Kit - Orange/Yellow
    12,500 lb King One Winch
    30,000 lb Tow Strap
    2 Shackles

    2015 Dodge Ram Power Wagon:
    Traction Jack Recovery Kit - Black
    12,500 lb Warn Winch
    30,000 lb Tow Strap
    2 Shackles
    Front + Rear locking Diff
  13. Wyatt

    Wyatt Active Member

    Warn zeon 8s winch.
    7k strap and 30k strap
    5 ton d rings x4
    60" hi lift
    Bottle jack.
    Jack stands x2 (long distance trips manly)
    Rear locker
    Multiple d ring location and areas to pull from.
  14. jerdog53

    jerdog53 Moderator

    Cell phone.....
  15. Morris Yarnell

    Morris Yarnell Well-Known Member

    That's the way to keep it simple and minimize. Might want a few energy bars to have until AAA arrives.
  16. tcishere84

    tcishere84 New Member

  17. tcishere84

    tcishere84 New Member

  18. Morris Yarnell

    Morris Yarnell Well-Known Member

    Are you putting that on your existing bumper or getting something that readily accepts a winch?

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