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Excited about the future and upcoming adventures that 2019 may bring! Mods, adventures, and memories to come!
Hi Murph, I've decided to sell the camper. I can text more pictures/info. My phone is 303-503-3893. I want to commercialize the camper, but I've decided to start with a Jeep platform. The basics - The camper you saw sleeps up to four. 54 in wide bed that slides over the cab, and two folding bunks in the lower portion. Has running water and a furnace. Weighs about 300-320 lbs empty. LMK if you want more info.
Hey Ben! On the Eclipse thread I proposed making stickers for those going (there's an image in the thread) that says RMO on it. If there's enough interest in the stickers, is it cool to have them made with your intellectual property (Since RMO is your thing)?