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    Weekly Digest of New and Most Active Forum Posts

    Me too Morris. And they don’t look to be happening anytime soon either.
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    The cost of space

    And I’m not talking NASA..... Our stuff that we take camping takes up space. And traditionally cheaper stuff takes up more space. Good sleeping bags that can be stuffed into a small bag aren’t cheap. Chairs that fold up into nothing are ridiculously expensive. And of course there’s the cooler...
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    Weekly Digest of New and Most Active Forum Posts

    Morris, The club has been quite active this summer. This website however, is basically dead. Hopefully this is all over soon and we can all get back together as normal. check out RMO on Meetup. You can sign up for email alerts of any new event...
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    Yaesu Customer Support

    There’s a Colorado Offroading HAMs Facebook group that might be of more use since traffic on this page is next to zero.
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    The original Trans America Trail

    This is a link from the article above.
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    The original Trans America Trail
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    Matt’s Offroad Recovery

    Those Graboids are getting more and more bold. Be safe out there.
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    Chris Cordes’ Excursion

    Because Excursions are cool:
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    Colorado Springs to Moab

    Moab back to Colorado Springs
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    Drifta bag - Oztent replacement bag

    Morris, it’s been on my radar for about a year but finally pulled the trigger. Glad I did. Can’t wait to use it. I guess I didn’t take note of the price back then. Mine is probably more expensive because mine is an RV-5 which is of course a little bigger than the RV-3 that you have. I hated...
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    Drifta bag - Oztent replacement bag

    The Oztent is a great tent- but they provide you with a crappy bag. A bag that is barely bigger than the tent itself. I’ve never had an easy time getting the tent back in the bag. Some times are easier than others, but none are “easy”. I ordered this bag from Drifta on 3/13/2020 and just...
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    ExplorerTom's Explorer

    I needed to get out of the house and test the limit straps. There’s an industrial complex not far from me that I believe is empty when the country isn’t on lockdown. The concrete “ramps” allow me to flex really well. The limit straps appear to be working. The next step is to get better shocks-...
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    ExplorerTom's Explorer

    Alright, what else...... Blew up my tcase towing a water logged 4runner out of a river. Pretty sure the tcase was on borrowed time prior, this just kicked it over the edge. Added an additional transmission cooler. While towing the 4runner, my trans temps were over 200 degrees (much hotter at...
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    ExplorerTom's Explorer

    I swapped the light bar off my Expedition to my Explorer. I liked the high mounting position I had on my Expedition (mounted to the Eezi-Awn platform rack- which is now installed on my 2014 Expedition) so I decided I wanted to mount it on the roof again. But getting brackets for an Explorer for...