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  1. Odomandr

    Weekly Digest of New and Most Active Forum Posts

    I hate that the site has moved towards Meetup. I miss the days where there was discussion and events scheduled here as well. Just a thought to maybe post the same meet up events in our forum about the events. I see emails that things are happening then I come here for more details or...
  2. Odomandr


    I moved to Fort Collins about two years ago. I had not seen any activity on this site for quite some time prior to that move. Today I got an email about the new beer drinking meetups at a Denver brewery. Two years too late for me. If anyone in Fort Collins wants to get together and have a...
  3. Odomandr

    Addicted Offroad gear

    Arb definitely makes bumpers for a toyota
  4. Odomandr

    Backcountry Comms Class 2016

    Doing this again??m. It came up on another forum and I told them I would ask?
  5. Odomandr

    Aftermarket bumper: why or why not?

    I struggled with this for the longest time. I've done a lot of trails without an aftermarket bumper or winch. I've only needed a hand once from someone with a winch and the factory hook did just fine. That being said I recently bought an ARB used got it recoated and will be putting it on...
  6. Odomandr

    What did you do to your rig today?

    Morris this look's amazing. Great use of space and solid design. Does it lose shape at all with heavy tools? Seems like it would not anywhere to deform to? Any concerns about a dinged wheel? I picked up an ARB bumper then dropped it off for powdecoat and refinish to colormatch. They called...
  7. Odomandr

    Upcoming APRS Balloon Launches

    May 14 is a ways off anything between now and then?
  8. Odomandr

    Perseid Meteor Shower 8/12 or 8/13 2016

    ....Tom? Made any decisions ? We may try to drive out after dinner
  9. Odomandr

    securing a Hi-lift

    How about a short cable to lock it to the bar it's mounted to?
  10. Odomandr

    Meet and Greet 8/8/16

    Wrong direction from town
  11. Odomandr

    Official BS Thread

    I am not pleased with the cover king covers. Mine need constant adjustment and just don't seem well planned
  12. Odomandr

    Anyone going anywhere this weekend?

    Sell the warranty set and buy what you want
  13. Odomandr

    37" alignment - Golden or nearby?

    RSG possibly I've heard good things from but they couldn't fit me in.
  14. Odomandr

    What winch do you use? And how does it work.

    I don't know the trail or the way it was beyond the photo and how it looks, but I have seen more photos off trail already this year. I hope to ride trails for a long time but I'm beginning to feel an urgency before it becomes shut down to the public
  15. Odomandr

    What did you do to your rig today?

    I think I've seen too many jku. That 2 door looks so good
  16. Odomandr

    What did you do to your rig today?

    Looks great
  17. Odomandr

    What winch do you use? And how does it work.

    Shit attitude to have. Just admit the mistake and keep it in mind in the future. The excuse's make it seem as though you don't give a damn about respecting our trails and that is not fair to those like Ige who work hard without pay to insure these trails remain available to all
  18. Odomandr

    Rim Rocker June 3-4, 2016

    I want to run this still thanks for the write up
  19. Odomandr

    What winch do you use? And how does it work.

    I bet he hit lots of holes in one as a kid at putt putt
  20. Odomandr

    Wiring anyone?

    Can't keep the smoke in unless you replace the entire harness. Sounds like a landrover