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  1. rmnp21

    Diode Dynamics sae lights

    Upgraded lighting on my truck from cheaper and or larger lights. Went with diode dynamics ss3 pros, which is now a midrange in their line up, was brightest when I initially purchased them. Went with their sae fog in white with yellow covers. They're ridiculously and went with the yellow to...
  2. rmnp21

    Sort of a report. Close to green ridge camp a few years ago.

    Just a lil sorta rescue mission a month ago. Buddy drives a tow truck and got the call to recover a f350 that broke its steering box when going into a ditch on Deadman road avoiding a lowboy trailer in a tighter turn. Road is normally closed in winter but these guys were on the cleanup crews...
  3. rmnp21

    Out Of The Heat, Into The Fire 7/6-7/8

    Should be able to camp friday night as I need to be back into FOCO mid afternoon saturday. Have some ideas around the red feather area that may work, and then can talk about other areas if people want to camp more through the weekend. There's tons of roads to explore and lots of options.
  4. rmnp21

    Morrison Jeep Trail - Wyoming

    Late July/early August. Love to do in the week to avoid too many people. And wanting to get people together and see what interest and when works. And if anyone has anything else we could do in that area to maybe make a longer trip.
  5. rmnp21

    Morrison Jeep Trail - Wyoming

    Ouch, this looks like what you heard about.
  6. rmnp21

    Morrison Jeep Trail - Wyoming

    Looks like reopened a few weeks ago, but I doubt with work I'll get to check anything out until next season.
  7. rmnp21

    Morrison Jeep Trail - Wyoming

    Has anyone done this route? Probably not happening this season, but looks promising for a nice trip next season, and never too early to plan and see what can be done. It's near Yellowstone and looks like alot of side road/trail opportunities.