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  1. Morris Yarnell

    Not driving

    Staying home and not driving. Batteries getting so low had to put the Rover on a charger with a timer to activate the charger for part of the day. Charger on the lowest setting of about 2 amps. seems to be working to charge them quite well. Someday might be able to get out and on the road, for...
  2. Morris Yarnell

    Possible combo trip and OX West

    I am curious if there are any thoughts about possibly attending the Overland Expo West next year? ....or waiting till August and attending the one being held near Gunnison, CO?
  3. Morris Yarnell


    Why are events not posted on the site of the club? I have to go to another site for trail rides and other meet events to find out what is happening. The trail ride at the end of the month comes to mind. If not posted on the site at least a reference to where information is published would be a...
  4. Morris Yarnell


    Rather than drop this in the conversation about 'gadgets' I will inject this here. I'll post the Amazon listing rather than a photo of the one I have. Works great and does make a good smoothie...
  5. Morris Yarnell

    Colorado repeaters

    This is a list of CO repeaters from a post on Expedition Portal site Freq Tone PL Location Callsign 147.39 plus 0.6 88.5 Breckenridge 1 146.7 - 0 Breckenridge 2 146.79 - 0 Breckenridge 3 146.745 - 0 Buena Vista 145.295 -0.6 MHz 107.2 Chaffee KC0CVU 449.65 -5 MHz 107.2 Chaffee KC0CVU 449.925...
  6. Morris Yarnell

    Military water cans at a good price

    Just listed on SG site. I have several of these and they are sturdy.
  7. Morris Yarnell

    New plugs

    Many, many thanks to Brad and Ben for doing the install of new plugs in my LR. Guess I am going to be good for another 50K+ miles.
  8. Morris Yarnell

    Feb trip suggestions 23 to 26

    Thinking about a possible camp adventure, not too far, maybe not too cold. Any suggestions?
  9. Morris Yarnell

    Winter gear from Overland Mag.

    Just received an add from Overland Journal and Expedition Portal showing the latest bling in overland gear. Not really a fan of so much gear that it looks like I would be taking more than I leave at home to live in a house. Huge TV in my van does not equate with an away from home adventure...
  10. Morris Yarnell

    Looking for a LR 1?

    Just saw this on CL, No affiliation Blah, Blah, Blah
  11. Morris Yarnell

    2018 Overland Expo

    Perhaps a bit early for some but, is there anyone planning to go to OX near Flagstaff in 2018?
  12. Morris Yarnell

    Dirt event

    Got this from another group post. Wednesday night at 7:30 Dust 2 Glory shows nationwide, similar format to how Warren Miller does his movie premiers. One night, one time…. The second movie looks to be every bit as good as the first and looks like it was shot in 4K…...
  13. Morris Yarnell

    Texas storm totals

    The news gives predictions of rain fall near Houston at 50 inches. So naturally the question is asked..."How much snow is that?" It has been figured out to be about 42 feet. Incredible.
  14. Morris Yarnell

    Electric off road vehicle???

    Range isn't even enough to GET you off road
  15. Morris Yarnell

    Addicted Offroad gear

    AJ, Thinking of your Toyota this weekend. Good to meet you again. Looking up parts I noticed that a company in Fort Collins makes really good looking parts for your truck. Probably your first priority is getting the correct brake parts though...
  16. Morris Yarnell

    Land Rover event

    Anyone going?
  17. Morris Yarnell

    Overland Expo in Flagstaff 5/12 to 5/14

    Anyone going this year? At this time thinking to go, still in the planning stages for this.
  18. Morris Yarnell

    Marmite food transport container

    New seals and all parts in good condition. $150
  19. Morris Yarnell

    E track straps

    I have two E track straps that I will give to anyone that has a need for them. Let me know and I will bring them to the next meeting or you can drop by the house for them. They were left over from our last move, used to tie down furniture in the back of the moving van, very sturdy. Let me know.
  20. Morris Yarnell

    Camping for 10/12 to 10/17

    Looking for good spot in CO for a bit of light trail and camping. D is off traveling to see her friends in Seattle and rather than sit home I have the urge to get out for a bit. Was thinking Comb Ridge but that is a bit far, although I still want to see it.