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Auction to Benefit RMO Website: Norcold MRFT 630 Fridge/Freezer


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Hey Everyone, a few years ago Shawn had an auction on here for this fridge and the proceeds went towards hosting fees for this website. I just got a different fridge and want to pass along the same good karma to the new folks here.

Up for auction is a used but great working vintage 120v/12v Norcold MRFT 630 fridge, about 30 quarts or so. It comes with both an AC cord and the 12v cord which has been cut to hard wire it into a fuse block (I have the 12v cigarette plug for it still but it would be wise to hard wire it). The fridge has a basket, I added some weather stripping on the inside and made a reflectix insulator to help keep the cold in. It works great and has never failed me, it has kept food cold for my family of 4 on weekend trips and on numerous road trips. It pulls about 4 a/h so not super efficient but worth noting since I have used it with a 90w solar panel with zero issues. Let me know if you have any specific questions.

I will let the auction run until next Sunday August 6th at midnight and can deliver the fridge at the Meet and Greet on Tuesday the 8th at Odyssey. Let's say a $10 start at any increment you want to donate.



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You auctioning here or on an auction website or something? If this is the place, I'll raise you to $40 just to get things rolling (and I AM ready to back that up if there are no other takers, but I'm sure there will be).;)


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Hey thank you Redone! Yep, the auction is just right here for the forum members. It is a great entry level fridge that has a lot of trips left in her for sure.


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Those weren't crickets, it was a silent "harrumph" that I'm not getting a $40 car fridge.:p;)


We're so excited to grab this little fridge for the rover. I cannot wait to build a drawer system for the fridge, stove, and drawers for storage. :) After the engine, trans, and xfer case are re-installed of course.


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Any chance either of you know the pinout of the dc cord? I know positive and negative. I'm curious about the two vertical pins on the left.


Morris Yarnell

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Crap, the ruskies are at it again.
Where is the auction at this point? Or is it even still an issue, need to know how to vote/bid.