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Hello everyone!
I have been out and about with the wife, and its about time I make some friends.
I usually try to head out on Fridays and head home on Sundays.

Looking for some like minded folks.

- boondocking
- hiking
- mountain biking..

I do not have kids .. just thought I would throw that out there.

I recently went on a 350 mile journey and documented over 30 different disperse camping sites.
- rivers
- off 4x4 trails
- views

Eager to share them with the group!



New Member
Hi new guy here name is Allen live west of Berthoud in the foothills. Spent the last 5 months or so on my latest 4x4 build which is a 2021 Toyota 4runner overland build. Just got back this weekend from a trip out near Canon City where I did the Gold Belt loop scenic byway. I would like to meet like minded people to do some overlanding trips with. Here are some pics from the trip.

2021-05-21 15.44.59-25pct.jpg
2021-05-21 15.45.20.-25pct.jpg
2021-05-21 20.56.10-25pct.jpg
2021-05-22 11.32.35-25pct.jpg
2021-05-22 12.39.52-25pct.jpg
2021-05-22 14.02.18-25pct.jpg
2021-05-22 19.14.29-25pct.jpg
2021-05-23 11.29.00-25pct.jpg