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Winding Roads

At Rocky Mountain Overland, overland travel and exploration is not only our passion, but a way of life. Our goal is to guide trips that inspire and educate you while giving you the tools and skills to better equip yourself to explore this incredible world we live in. We encourage our community of members to build authentic friendships and knowledge. Join us on expeditions that we hope create unforgettable experiences!




As long as I can remember I have craved being outdoors. Years of camping and backcountry skiing and snowboarding in my youth,  have always had me seeking out   adventure in the less crowded areas. Every adventure teaches me something new or shows me a new point of view. I began 4 wheeling as a way to camp in more remote locations with my family. This led to meeting amazing people in the 4 wheeling community and learning how to navigate difficult trails in varying terrains in multiple states. Craving more days out in the wilderness I began coordinating multi-day trips with my focus on different trails each day. I did this with the 4-wheeling community Frontrange 4x4. Eventually becoming an adopt a trail coordinator I realized I had a desire for community and sharing experiences. I look forward to getting out and sharing my latest adventure with all who want to join me!



I'm a Senior IT Engineer that spent most of my life in Southeast Florida, but now residing in Colorado. I'd always had an affinity for mountains and found my passion for exploring the outdoors in Colorado. Aside from overlanding, I also love music, coffee, craft beer, writing and creating content for my adventure YouTube channel, SubDivo Overland. I'm also a council member for Rocky Mountain Overland, where I lead and guide overland group trips driving a 2nd Gen DCSB Expedition built Tacoma.

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