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New Overland Tacoma Build In Progress! (Phase 1)

In this install, we begin an exciting brand new build process on Brad's 2022 Tacoma from Rocky Mountain Overland. We have only a few short months to get this build fully ready for next Spring!

22 Tacoma 4X4 Offroad Stage 1 Build:

-OEM LED headlights

-Baja Design squadron R sport amber fog lights

-Meso Customs stage 1 rear LED bulb upgrade

-VLED interior LED kit

-Front Anytime Camera

-Escape Gear canvas seat covers -VLED license plate bulbs

-RCI Skid plates (Trans w/ CAT guards-Al, Center diff-Al, Rear diff, Fuel tank-Al)

-RCI Sliders w/ Top Plate

-Pop & Lock tailgate lock

-Desert Does It seat jackers (Full set on drivers, passenger-front only)

-Desert Does It under seat compressor mount

-Desert Does It front multi mount for DDI quick release fire extinguisher mount

-Expedition Essentials USB powered accessory mount

-Hulkman Li jump box

Click here for the video build process:

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