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Overland Garage Sale?

We're considering having another Overland Garage Sale in the spring of 2024.

If you haven't attended our OGS event before, it's a great opportunity for our members to come out, and set up shop to sell gear they might not need any more to other members. It's also a great opportunity for buyers to get a discounted price on gear for the upcoming camping/overlanding season. We think this is a very cool event for everyone!

The last time we hosted this event we thought there was a lot of interest and even decided to grill food and have snacks and drinks to make the event more enjoyable for our members. We're not sure what happened, but the turn out was disappointing.

So this year, before setting up this event, we're going to once again post a poll to gauge overall interest. Whether you're coming as an attended to sell or just showing up to buy gear, we want to hear from you. Thanks -RMO

Please cast your vote below:

Should we have an Overland Garage Sale?

  • Yes, I'm very interested, and would attend this event.

  • No, I'm not interested in this event and would not attend.

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I’m in! I just may have a trailer and Ikamper I’d like sell to free up some garage space. Surly someone in the group would have use for these?


I am interested but it often falls on a weekend during which I'm overlanding. If this event is largely meant for members, I almost wonder if hosting it on a weeknight would be better? Just an idea. Or perhaps folks posting a sampling of the types of things the might bring in advance might also increase interest?


I am interested, of course it will depend on timing but definitely interested.


Mar 11

I'm interested, so long as it is not April 5 - April 20


Doesn't look like this poll is working. So please comment instead.

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